Elvis: That’s the Way It Is (1970)

For one night only on 13th August, at selected cinemas around the UK, a chance to see Elvis on the big screen one more time in this acclaimed music documentary following his Las Vegas Summer residency 50 years ago.

A fantastic opportunity to see Elvis on the big screen in all his glory as he takes to the stage in his now iconic jumpsuits for the first time and gives us the full repertoire, which many have imitated but never quite reached the full heights he did.

With behind the scenes footage of the rehearsals and build up to the concert this documentary puts together a combination of the concerts, seamlessly pieced together to give a wonderful show-stopping performance of Elvis performing live.

Of course this is for the Elvis fans but any fan of music would benefit from watching this as many already would have, to study one of the greatest entertainers of all-time. Which makes this such a fascinating insight into the man who still holds many music industry records even today, as the world’s biggest-selling artist. Knowing his story like so many people do, to some degree or another, makes this all the more poignant. Every song, every glance, carries ever more meaning.

And nobody can sing with more meaning, warmth and power quite like Elvis. Here he’s knocking out all the standards with the kind of energy and charisma any artist young or old could only dream of. Belting out the songs that started his career way back in the mid 50s like, “That’s Alright (Mama)” and even having fun with the not that long released, “Suspicious Minds” of the 70s. This is Elvis on stage having a good time, still at the top of his game but with an acknowledging wry smile that he was no longer the ground-breaking, cultural changer he once was.

His charm will bring an admiring smile to the most objectionable Elvis fan who the girls screamed after and the guys wanted to emulate in their billions. Here he is joking with the audience with his old familiar mannerisms and a few lesser known ones too. Once considered too shocking for TV and corrupting of the youth – how times have changed – this is the man who inspired a generation of hometown singers and an excessive amount of men playing music in jumpsuits.

Link to trailer

Film: That’s The Way It Is (1970)

Director: Denis Sanders

Stars: Elvis Presley, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin 

Genres: Documentary | Music

Run Time: 1hr 37mins

Rating: 5/5

Link to cinema tickets: https://www.elvisthatsthewayitis.com

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