Vanguard: ‘Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’

A new short film part of a series of vignettes on Sky Arts to provide some momentary escapism during the pandemic, raising mental health awareness through Wander and the Mental Health Foundation. The brain child of Mary McCarthy the film has brought together the work of a group of street artists involved in the global street art movement and is dedicated to the creative hub of Bristol, which also happens to be the birth place of the most famous anonymous street artist of them all, Banksy.

Consummating art and film, these mini films take the audience ‘to beautiful spaces accompanied by the world’s favourite voices’. This one chooses the poetic folk lyrics of L.A. Salami read by himself and Brit actress Kaya Scodelario providing a powerful protest backing track taking you around some of the best street art in Bristol spanning 4 decades. The biggest compliment you can give the street art is, for most of the far too brief 5 minute play time, you would find it hard to separate the graffiti from the streets of Bristol from the graffiti of New York. It’s a welcomed distraction from the pandemic crisis and even ends with some tips to stay on top of your mental health.

Despite the questionable legality of some of these street artists sometimes it’s just reassuring to see and hear the vibrancy of talent expressing itself in ways only it can, challenging the social norms, bringing colour and art into people’s everyday lives; especially when it’s this good.

The film can be seen at and is also part of a wider art exhibition, Vanguard: ‘Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’, which will be held at Bristol Museum MShed in 2021, exploring the creative history and legacy of Bristol, its underground scene and the wider global phenomenon of Art on the streets.

Trailer Link

Film: Vanguard: ‘Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’

Director: Danny Capozzi

Executive Producer: Beau Kerouac

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 5 minutes 11 secs

Rating: 4/5

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