Hunt vs Lauda: The Next Generation

The sons of two legends of Formula One motor racing, Hunt and Lauda, go head to head in celebration of their father’s epic 1976 Championship dual, as they look to recapture some of the famous rivalry and friendship on and off the track.

Racing team boss Joseph Thomas first hit upon the idea to re-create this piece of motorsport history after watching “Rush“, Ron Howard’s biopic film about the famous F1 Championship of ’76, which still remains one of the most epic title races in motorsport history.

This time around it’s not James Hunt vs Niki Lauda, it’s their sons Freddie and Mathias. Both have been keen racing drivers over the years albeit not quite in the same class as their fathers. Mathias edges things in terms of experience but that doesn’t seem to worry a highly competitive Freddie who doesn’t want to let the family side down particularly in this filmed showdown.

There are some nice video montages re-telling the famous Hunt vs Lauda story as well as interviews providing the back stories to the sons on how they got introduced to racing along with memories of their fathers, with some emotional responses particularly from Freddie, who lost his father at a young age.

Comparisons will be drawn between the two sons particularly as they share similar personality traits to their well-known fathers. James Hunt was considered the glamorous playboy and a bit reckless on the track hence the nickname “Hunt the shunt”, whilst Niki Lauda was more calculated in his preparation and a steadier performer going on to win 3 World Championships. Similarly, Mathias is much more calm and collected, he’s set up home in Ibiza with his wife and children and lives a more carefree existence pursing his sporting interests. Meanwhile Freddie, based in Scotland, has a similar wild side to his father and seems to have had more difficulty finding his way trying to live up to his father’s legacy.

Directed by Charlotte Fantelli the F1 archive footage brings a sense of history to the proceedings, which is always going to be difficult for the drivers to match here, but that doesn’t detract from enjoying this very British motor racing encounter. Shot at the iconic Donington race track, there’s more at stake than meets the eye between two men racing for fun but also for their family bragging rights.

Hunt vs Lauda: The Next Generation will be available on DVD & Digital Download from 19th December and can be pre-ordered here.

Film: Hunt vs Lauda: The Next Generation

Director: Charlotte Fantelli

Genre: Documentary, Motorsport

Stars: Freddie Hunt, Mathias Lauda, Marlene Lauda

Run time: 1hr 20mins

Rated: 12

Platforms: Amazon, iTunes, Google, Microsoft, Sky

Rating: 3/5

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