Available on digital download from 22nd February, Gatecrash is a twisted psychological thriller about a couple who return home from a party having been in a car accident with a passer-by late at night. Their confused actions after the incident lead to repercussions that get even further out of control.

Directed by Lawrence Gough and based on an award winning play by Terry Hughes the film begins with Steve (Ben Cura – Marcella) and his French wife Nicole (Olivia Bonamy – Them) talking agitatedly and confusedly after the hit and run incident. Their relationship seems already distant and strained made all the worse by the accident, and the flowing accusations that spill out, quickly become threatening and physical as they attempt to figure out a plan as to what to do next.

Things take a turn for the worse when an oddball policeman (Samuel West – Darkest Hour) turns up and invites himself into the house at which point Steve makes a sharp exit left, leaving his wife to deal with some awkward questioning. The policeman disappears to take a look around their luxury pad and not wanting to leave the policeman to his own devices too long, Nicole goes looking for him in the labyrinth of rooms only to find some evidence of blood.

When we catch up with them again there is a surprising switch in circumstances as we see an interesting line in retribution being administered, along with some marriage counselling. This all happens before Sid (Anton Lesser – Game of Thrones) the actual victim of the incident turns up at the house some years later. We know some time has elapsed because Nicole has had a baby, a seemingly curious plot thread that isn’t as random as its first introduction, after she felt the need to take a timely pregnancy test during the height of the initial crisis.

Sid’s arrival at the house unannounced brings the 2nd act into play, a kind softly spoken older man who believes the couple had helped him on the night of the accident. The interplay between the characters has the feel of the original play throughout with the added dimension of some simple but effective visual storytelling. Olivia Bonamy brings some high anxiety as the bullied wife who gets trapped by a succession of tormentors, most notably her horribly obnoxious husband.

The film doesn’t hang around getting down to the scruples of the incident. Were they arguing in the car? Was he drink driving? …but reversing over the victim? This is a stylised psychological thriller that has elements of a farcical horror, set in a modern country house situated somewhere in a secluded part of the English countryside. The tension builds with some uncomfortable conversations assisted by some creepy sound mixing before a vengeful finale.

Film: Gatecrash

Director: Lawrence Gough

Stars: Olivia Bonamy, Ben Cura, Anton Lesser & Samuel West

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Run time: 1hr 28min

Rated: 15

Rating: 3/5

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