Lost at Christmas

This is Scotland’s first ever Christmas movie coming to UK cinemas from 4th December and is available on digital platforms from 7th December. It’s a quirky romcom that looks to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to our screens whilst taking in some wonderful Scottish Highland scenery.

Director Ryan Hendrick has made a feature length film of his successful short film Perfect Strangers bringing together a collection of Scottish actors in the wonderful surroundings of Fort William and Glencoe. Starring Kenny Boyle as Rob, a foppish Hugh Grant lookalike and Natalie Clark as Jen, the ditsy Christmas romantic dressed as an elf; the two are thrown together as their Christmas Eves end in heartbreak and they decide to team up to help each other get home for Christmas but things don’t go to plan.

Having “borrowed” Jen’s now ex-boyfriend’s car, they get stuck and end up having to cross the moors wearing only an elf’s outfit and lace-ups in treacherous snowy conditions, and whilst the scenery looks stunningly beautiful, it’s a relief when they find a guest house before dark, even for hardy Scots. Here they find the other guests getting away for Christmas and there are star turns from Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Who, The Hobbit), Clare Grogan (Gregory’s Girl) and Sanjeev Kohli (Still Game, Stan & Ollie) who plays the welcoming but slightly beleaguered Scottish guest house owner.

The film can’t help looking like a Highlands tourist board commercial with its smattering of product placement in tweed, tartan, whiskey and general Scottish patter, whilst the script also requires an element of acquiescing some of its eccentricities, where the sentiment is missed or the humour remains undelivered but there is plenty of Scottish wit and charm to enjoy.

It’s a delicately twee Christmas romcom and despite all the heartbreak and sorrow of seemingly everyone staying at the guest house, it is still capable of raising the spirits this Christmas time albeit in a slightly low-key manner. It doesn’t chase the happy ever after too much which is refreshing, although perhaps it falls slightly between the two stools.

Film: Lost at Christmas

Director: Ryan Hendrick

Stars: Natalie Clark, Kenny Boyle, Sylvester McCoy

Genre: Romance / Comedy

Run time: 1hr 40min

Rated: 12

Rating: 3/5

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